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A Floristic Study of Baengnyeongdo (Isl.) in Korea
The vascular plants which were collected in 5 times were identified as 732 taxa in total, including 124 families, 411 genera, 647 species, 8 subspecies, 68 varieties, 7 forms and 2 hybrids, which were first records for the region.
Floristic Study of Mt. Byeollipsan (Ganghwa-gun), Korea
The vascular plants from 13 field surveys were revealed to total of 574 taxa; 116 families, 355 genera, 505 species, 8 subspecies, 52 varieties, 7 forms and 2 hybrids.
First record of Ajuga nipponensis Makino (Lamiaceae) from Korea
An unrecorded taxon of the genus Ajuga in Korea, namely Ajuga nipponensis Makino is reported, found to be distributed along roadsides near villages of the island.
The Location of Multifidus Atrophy in Patients With a Single Level, Unilateral Lumbar Radiculopathy
The findings suggest that the most severe atrophy of multifidus muscle may occur at the mid-spinous process or mid-sacral crest level of the vertebra which is one level below the segmental number of the involved nerve root in patients with a single-level, unilateral lumbar radiculopathy.
Micromorphological and cytological comparisons between Youngia japonica and Youngia longiflora using light and scanning electron microscopy
The present micromorphological and cytological results are of great taxonomic value for Youngia species identification in Korea.
Habitat prediction and impact assessment of Neolitsea sericea (Blume) Koidz. under Climate Change in Korea
The research was carried out in order to find climate factors which determine the distribution of Neolitsea sericea, and the potential habitats (PHs) under the current climate and three climate
Phytogeographic study on the Holocene hypsithermal relict plant populations in the Korean peninsula
ABSTRACT: The Holocene Hypsithermal Interval(or climatic optimum) was the warmest post-glacial period:temperatures rose to as much as 1-4 o C above present temperatures. We hypothesize that southern
Two Newly Naturalized Species in Korea: Lolium rigidum Gaudin (Poaceae) and Oenothera rosea L'Hér. ex Aiton (Onagraceae)
Two unrecorded naturalized species, Lolium rigidum Gaudin (Poaceae) and Oenothera rosea L'Her (Onagraceae) were newly reported in Korea and are described and illustrations of the two taxa and their photographs in the habitat are provided.
Morphological characteristics of major airborne pollen in Korea
This study selected 52 airborne pollen samples based on previously reported data and investigated their detail pollen characteristics using LM and SEM to estimate the possible relationships between pollen features and allergen.
A Floristic Study on the Indigenous Habitat of Donghae-si and Samcheok-si in Gangwon-do, Korea
This study was carried out to investigate the flora of indigenous habitat of Donghae-si and Samcheok-si in Gangwon-do, Korea, and identified 804 taxa; 127 families, 445 genera, 720 species, 8 subspecies, 69 varieties, 5 forms and 2 hybrids.