Sun-Young Kang

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Early adverse experiences resulting from maternal separation may lead to neuronal cell death and they can eventually cause memory impairment. In this study, we investigated the effects of postnatal treadmill exercise on the long-term memory capability, spatial learning ability, and depressive state, on the 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT, serotonin) synthesis and(More)
The purpose of this research report is to investigate the long-term effect of Adeli suit treatment (AST) in a child with cerebral palsy (CP) on spatial-temporal gait parameters, 10-meter walking speed, gross motor functional measure (GMFM) and performance on the pediatric balance scale (PBS). An eight-year-old girl with spastic diplegia classified as level(More)
BACKGROUND The phenylpropanoid metabolites are an extremely diverse group of natural products biosynthesized by plants, fungi, and bacteria. Although these compounds are widely used in human health care and nutrition services, their availability is limited by regional variations, and isolation of single compounds from plants is often difficult. Recent(More)
BACKGROUND Styrene and its derivatives as monomers and petroleum-based feedstocks are valuable as raw materials in industrial processes. The chemical reaction for styrene production uses harsh reaction conditions such as high temperatures or pressures, or requires base catalysis with microwave heating. On the other hand, production of styrene and its(More)
BACKGROUND Methylated resveratrol analogs show similar biological activities that are comparable with those of the resveratrol. However, the methylated resveratrol analogs exhibit better bioavailability as they are more easily transported into the cell and more resistant to degradation. Although these compounds are widely used in human health care and in(More)
The direction of fiber alignment within a muscle is known to influence the effectiveness of muscle contraction. However, most of the commonly used clinical gluteus maximus (GM) exercises do not consider the direction of fiber alignment within the muscle. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of hip abduction position on the(More)
Chamaecyparis obtusa (C. obtusa) is known to have antimicrobial effects and has been used as a medicinal plant and in forest bathing. This study aimed to evaluate the anticariogenic activity of essential oil of C. obtusa on Streptococcus mutans, which is one of the most important bacterial causes of dental caries and dental biofilm formation. Essential oil(More)
In this study, we used ethanol extract of A. princeps and investigated its antibacterial effects against MRSA. Ethanol extract of A. princeps significantly inhibited MRSA growth and organic acid production during glucose metabolism at concentrations greater than 1 mg/mL (P < 0.05). MRSA biofilm formation was observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM)(More)
BACKGROUND Quorum sensing (QS) networks are more commonly known as acyl homoserine lactone (HSL) networks. Recently, p-coumaroyl-HSL has been found in a photosynthetic bacterium. p-coumaroyl-HSL is derived from a lignin monomer, p-coumaric acid, rather than a fatty acyl group. The p-coumaroyl-HSL may serve an ecological role in diverse QS pathways between(More)
The expression of immunogenic markers after differentiation of umbilical cord blood (UCB)-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) has been poorly investigated and requires extensive in vitro and in vivo testing for clinical application. The expression of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) classes on UCB-derived MSC was tested by Fluorescence-activated cell sorting(More)