Sun-Young Ihm

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In recent years, app store and android market have experienced a significant growth in terms of app numbers. Since we discover 85% of apps through the ranks, it is important to develop effective app ranking analyzing tools. In this paper, we present a method called App Analytic. In our method, we explore correlations of app ranking data about popular social(More)
Green computing is the study and practice of efficiently using computers resources. The main purpose of green computing is to achieve an algorithmic efficiency by designing resource-efficient, accurate and energy-efficient algorithms. It is important to achieve the algorithmic efficiency in handling time-series data. One of the main tasks in handling(More)
Many entrepreneurship applications use data as the core concept of their business to better understand the needs of their customers. However, as the size of databases used by these entrepreneurship applications grows and as more users access data through various interactive interfaces, obtaining the result for a top-k query may take long time if the query(More)
The growing availability of large amounts of multimedia contents in science and industry have made data mining applications such as data classification highly demanding. The contribution of this paper is two-fold. First, we propose an approach for constructing a decision tree based classification model for multimedia contents. Second, in order to speed up(More)
A top-k query returns k tuples with the highest (or the lowest) scores from a relation. Layer-based methods are the representative one for processing the top-k query. They construct i-th layer with the objects which can be the top-i, and answer the top-k queries by reading at most k layers. To construct layers, the existing methods used convex skyline,(More)