Sun Xiaowen

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General acquisition algorithms for GPS signals in time domain and frequency domain have some advantages and disadvantages. A new modified averaging circular correlation algorithm based on FFT is proposed and its realization process is given in this paper. Compared with the general algorithms its performance is improved. This novel algorithm is demonstrated(More)
This paper presents a detailed design of GPS signal fast acquisition system using the method of extended multiple correlator in FPGA. A 12-channel GPS signal acquisition system is implemented and an extra noise-monitoring channel is used to provide an adaptive threshold. Programming the system on FPGA development platform, results show that the system can(More)
The Kaluga (Huso dauricus) is one of two species of Acipenseriformes endemic to the Amur River basin. Due to overfishing and environmental pollution, this species has been assessed as critically endangered by IUCN. In this study, eighteen polymorphic microsatellite markers were developed from an enriched genomic library for H. dauricus and characterized in(More)
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