Sun-Woo Lee

Kap-Yeol Jung2
Tae-Jun Yoo1
Hui-Seok Yang1
2Kap-Yeol Jung
1Tae-Jun Yoo
1Hui-Seok Yang
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OBJECTIVE Experiencing traumatic events in childhood is related to various psychiatric problems in adulthood, and a comprehensive tool for measuring childhood trauma is necessary in this field. This study aimed to examine the psychometric properties, and factor structure of the Korean version of the Early Trauma Inventory Self Report-Short Form (ETISR-SF).(More)
We reported a case of complicated silicosis that occurred in a glass manufacturing plant worker who had presumably been exposed to low-concentration free silica for almost 20 years. To the best of our knowledge this report is the first in the Republic of Korea. The physician's first impression was cancer since the enlargement of neck and supraclavicuar(More)
BACKGROUND We report a case of a spray painter who developed malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) of the maxillary sinus following long-term exposure to chromium, nickel, and formaldehyde, implying that these agents are probable causal agents of MFH. CASE REPORT The patient developed right-sided prosopalgia that began twenty months ago. The symptom(More)
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