Sun Wan-rong

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In this paper, six integer wavelet transforms are compared on marrow cell image energy distribution and their percentage of zero coefficients in every subband for higher performances of marrow cell image compression. A new method of quantization threshold is applied to EZW coding. The experiment results show that this approach can increase the number of(More)
An algorithm based on the cell image center of gravity and its scaleless range (as scale-invariant) is proposed to estimate the fractal dimension of the marrow cell images. Since the texture of a color image contains not only certain statistical similarity on the structure but also the color distributions, two color parameters are extracted from the color(More)
A new watershed segmentation algorithm of binary images based on the convex property of cells is proposed in this study. A distance map is developed to determine the number of seeds due to iterative erosion. The ultra-erosion aggregate is considered as seeds to separate the cell cluster, and images are grown by dilation from these seeds until all the image(More)
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