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Critical Attitude and the Criticism of Attitude——Reflections on Reading Liu Shi-de's The Mystery of the Author of Jin Ping Mei
The author and method of writing are two major issues concerning the study of Jin Ping Mei,and they are by far still to be solved.Yet,the research of scholars in the past few decades has accumulatedExpand
An Analysis of the Phenomenon of Returning to the Ancient Literary Style in the Early Ming Dynasty
The phenomenon of returning to the ancient literary style in the early Ming Dynastyoriginated from the acceptance of the prosperous new dynasty and expectation from the scholars and was an outcome ofExpand
Li Dong-yang:The First Poet Produced in Ming Dynasty
Li Dong-yang was the first poet produced in Ming Dynasty.As a poetic giant his exploration in the poetic world was much more than his critics to the poetic style of restaurants and temples.HisExpand
On Teaching Reform of Ancient Literature Theory Course in Normal University
Under the present language circumstance,the reform of ancient literature theory course should focus not only on the strong major theory but also get rid of the pure theory ivory tower.It should payExpand
Composing and Developing of Voiceless Singing in Ming Dynasty
Naming the voiceless singing which was separated from play way. The voiceless singing in Ming Dynasty, sometimes traced back to Yuan Dynasty, changed in part and achieved to some extent, It could beExpand
Dan Dang's Poetic Art and Literary Concept Embodied in Xiaoyuan Collection and Jueancao Collection
Dan Dang,a poet of the late Ming dynasty,had a life experience of a layman and a monk and his early work Xiaoyuan Collection and the later work Jueancao Collection reveal the changes of his poeticExpand
A Study of the Official-writers of Yunnan in the Ming Dynasty
With the establishment of the local governments in Yunnan during the Ming dynasty,there emerged a group of official-writers here.Either as officials or as writers,they made their contributions to theExpand
On the Creative Style of the Seclusive Authors Group in the Prefecture of Yunnan in Ming Dynasty
As one of the important phenomena of regional literature,the seclusive authors group in the prefecture of Yunnan appeared in Ming Dynasty which scattered mainly inExpand
The Second Proof to "Notes and Comments on Ci Poetry-The Golden Lotus"
"Notes and Comments on Ci Poetry-The Golden Lotus" was written in large number of poetry language, of which some origin could be traced. For example, in the whole book there were a hundred poemsExpand