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BACKGROUND PARP inhibitors have shown promising clinical results in cancer patients carrying BRCA1/2 mutations. Their clinical efficacy could logically be influenced by PARP1 protein levels in patient tumors. METHODS We screened three cohorts of patients with ovarian cancer, totaling 313 samples, and evaluated PARP1 protein expression by(More)
Hypoxia-ischemia (HI) brain injury is a major cause of neuronal cell death especially apoptosis in the perinatal period. This study was designated to examine the effect of hydrogen therapy on apoptosis in an established neonatal HI rat pup model. Seven-day-old rat pups were subjected to left common carotid artery ligation and then 90 min hypoxia (8% oxygen(More)
Power line communication is one of the most promising wired home-networking technologies. Home Plug 1.0 is the most popular power line communication technology which extends the random back off algorithm to improve the collision problem. We propose to study the performance of back off algorithm based on the Home Plug 1.0 especially in the multihop(More)
The QoS routing problem of wireless multimedia sensor networks has great challenging. A notion using routing game and ant colony algorithm to solve this problem is proposed in this paper. A mixed strategy routing game model is proposed too, and proves the routing game has Nash equilibrium. In the routing game, we used the probabilities which are calculated(More)
In mobile ad hoc networks, due to the dynamic nature of ad hoc networks, many unicast and multicast protocols depend on broadcasting mechanism to finish control and route establishment functionality. A straightforward broadcasting, however, will be very inefficient and costly and easily result to the broadcast storm problem. In this paper, we propose the(More)
Policy at Shandong University conducted a medicine price survey in Shandong Province. The survey was funded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Health Action International (HAI). Many thanks are given to the following groups of people:-area supervisors and data collectors who spent considerable time collecting and checking data-officials from the(More)
The research on earth free oscillation has become one of important methods to detect the internal structure of earth. This paper uses the marginal spectrum method based on Hilbert Huang transform for the first time, and the Tonghe station's borehole strain data without removing solid tide, then we extracted spherical free oscillation mode that are motivated(More)