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In Mobile IP, whether mobile nodes are moving or not, lots of messages have to be exchanged for various purposes. The frequent exchange of messages incurs overhead in several ways, especially in terms of energy use in mobile node. Of course, if fewer messages are delivered, issues related with authorization may become problematic. To deal with this(More)
In wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs), the energy for the sensor nodes that are close to the base station will be quickly depleted due to their high data transmission activities. To address the problem, the concept of Mobile Collectors(MC) is introduced, but in spite of it, local buffer management algorithm is needed, which is our main concern in this paper. At(More)
Recently, one of promising markets utilizing wireless sensors is disaster protection SoC. Sensors are located at some positions and gather environmental data periodically. The volume of data accumulated during long time can be valuable but the limit of local storage should also be considered. From the observation, we devise a local storage management(More)
Sensors are deployed to gather physical, environmental data in sensor networks. Depending on scenarios, it is often assumed that it is difficult for batteries to be recharged or exchanged in sensors. Thus, sensors should be able to process users' queries in an energy-efficient manner. This paper proposes a spatial query processing scheme-Minimum Bounding(More)
Sensors have a function to gather environmental data in sensor networks. They operate by limited, small-size battery depending on applications. Thus there are several kinds of research efforts to make better use of local energy. In this paper, we propose multi-attribute query processing algorithm (Section Bit based scheme (SB)). In the initial setup,(More)