Sun Ling Wang

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Lymphocytes enter the splenic white pulp by crossing the poorly characterized boundary of the marginal sinus. In this study, we describe the importance of L1, an adhesion molecule of the Ig superfamily, for marginal sinus integrity. We find that germline insertional mutation of L1 is associated with a selective malformation of the splenic marginal sinus.(More)
A variety of wholesale and retail packaged vegetables and salads were inoculated with a mixture of strains of Listeria monocytogenes and incubated at 4 and 10 degrees C. Whole rutabagas, butternut squash, and onions, as well as packaged Caesar salad, carrots, coleslaw mix, and stir-fry vegetables were purchased from local supermarkets in the Ottawa area. L.(More)
Anti-CD3 x antitumor bispecific Ab can retarget T cell mediated lysis in an MHC-independent fashion and prevent tumor growth in animal models. Two bispecific Ab preparations that differ in the presence or absence of Fc were compared in the 38C13 immunocompetent murine lymphoma model to evaluate how functional Fc and T cell activation impact on response to(More)
The effect of histamine on inositol phosphate generation and interleukin-6 (IL-6) release from the synovial sarcoma cell line SW982 was investigated. SW982 cells express functional H1 and H2 receptors. The H1 receptor antagonist [3H]-mepyramine binds to membranes from SW982 cells with high affinity and the binding was potently blocked by H1 antagonists.(More)
The effect of converting enzyme inhibitor (CEI) on the renal response to atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) was determined in the rat. In the absence of CEI, ANF produced rapid and significant increases in sodium, potassium, calcium, and urine excretions while blood pressure declined transiently. In the presence of CEI, ANF enhanced the excretion of sodium and(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Jel classification: Q1 Q2 Q4 C3 G2 O4 Keywords: U.S. agricultural productivity growth Total factor productivity (TFP) Energy shocks Agricultural commodity prices Structural VAR analysis We examine the impacts of energy price shocks on U.S. agricultural productivity growth and commodity prices' volatility by developing a structural VAR(More)
The heterodimer-forming leucine zippers Fos and Jun can efficiently mediate the formation of bispecific F(ab')2 when they are fused separately to two different Fab' fragments. This recombinant method can be used in conjunction with the humanization process to yield humanized bispecific F(ab')2. The potential immunogenicity of the leucine zippers can be(More)
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