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Phenolic compound concentration and antioxidant activities of edible and medicinal mushrooms from Korea.
DPPH activities was significantly correlated with total content of phenolic compounds in edible mushrooms, while in medicinal mushrooms there was a significant correlation (p < 0.01) between SOD activity and total concentration of Phenolic compounds.
Analysis of isoflavone, phenolic, soyasapogenol, and tocopherol compounds in soybean [ Glycine max (L.) Merrill] germplasms of different seed weights and origins.
This study investigated the functional compounds, including isoflavones, phenolics, soyasapogenols, and tocopherols, that were detected in 204 soybean germplasms and found that Chinese soybean varieties showed the highest mean concentration of total soyasAPogenol, and Korean soybean seeds showed the second highest level.
Comparison of allelopathic potential of rice leaves, straw, and hull extracts on barnyardgrass
The results suggest that rice body parts may be a source of natural herbicides and that it is necessary to develop acceptable selection standards for allelopathic rice varieties.
Evaluation of soyasaponin, isoflavone, protein, lipid, and free sugar accumulation in developing soybean seeds.
Protein accumulation was rapid during reproductive stages, while lipid content was only relatively moderately increased, and total soyasaponin concentration was constantly decreased until the R8 stage of soybean seed matures.
Comparison of isoflavone concentrations in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) sprouts grown under two different light conditions.
The high accumulation of isoflavones in roots is consistent with is oflavones serving as signal molecules in the induction of microbial genes involved in soybean (Glycine max) nodulation.
Chemoprevention of Scutellaria bardata on human cancer cells and tumorigenesis in skin cancer
The data suggest that Scutellaria barbata D. Don merits investigation as a potential cancer chemopreventive agent in humans, especially in gynecological cancers.
Seed specific expression of perilla γ-tocopherol methyltransferase gene increases α-tocopherol content in transgenic perilla (Perilla frutescens)
This was the first report on over expression of the γ-TMT gene in transgenic perilla displaying desirable high α-tocopherol content phenotype, which will benefit both human and animal health.
Introduction and nutritional evaluation of germinated soy germ.