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The texture spectrum descriptors, center-symmetric local binary pattern (CS-LBP) and its extension D-LBP are effective for region description. However, they discard the low frequency information of a region. A novel improved operator, named ID-LBP, is proposed based on D-LBP in this paper. The new operator classifies the local pattern based on the(More)
The direction chain code has been widely used in image coding and recognition for its simplicity and low storage requirement. However, the researches on how to use chain code for shape retrieval are few. The traditional retrieval methods, chain code histogram (CCH) and Minimize Sum Statistical Direction Code (MSSDC) did not take the distribution feature(More)
Region of interest (ROI) extraction plays an important part in image processing and analysis. Based on rough set theory, a ROI extraction algorithm was presented in the paper. Firstly, a rough ROI was determined based on the prior knowledge. Then, combining with the low-level features such as intensity, edge, location of the marked ROI, an information table(More)
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