Sun Ju Chang

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AIMS To explore the effect of diverse types of women's physical activity on menopausal symptoms among multiethnic groups of midlife women in the USA. BACKGROUND Although physical activity is one of the most widely used non-pharmacological methods for managing menopausal symptoms, there is a paucity of clinical guidelines for women and healthcare providers(More)
We explored the attitudes of women at midlife to web-based interventions for promoting physical activity. 145 women volunteered to participate in one of four online forums. The forums were for four major racial/ethnic groups. 90 volunteers were recruited for the online forums (29 Whites, 23 Hispanics, 21 African Americans, and 17 Asians). Two sets of topics(More)
PURPOSE The aims of this cross-sectional study were to explore and evaluate the impact of adjuvant chemotherapy on quality of life in breast cancer patients according to the survival time from surgery. METHODS Completed questionnaires were collected from 534 women with breast cancer. Clinical and sociodemographic characteristics were reviewed and(More)
BACKGROUND Despite an increasing number of studies of midlife women's physical activity, little is known about how attitudes toward physical activity of midlife women from diverse ethnic groups influence the women's physical activity. OBJECTIVES To explore ethnic differences in midlife women's attitudes toward physical activity and determine the(More)
The Internet has emerged as an innovative tool that older adults can use to obtain health-related information. However, the relationships among predictors of Internet health information seeking behaviors (IHISB) in this population are not well understood. To fill this gap, this study examined the direct and indirect pathways of potential predictors of IHISB(More)
PURPOSE To explore current trends in nursing theories through an integrated literature review. ORGANIZING CONSTRUCT AND METHODS The literature related to nursing theories during the past 10 years was searched through multiple databases and reviewed to determine themes reflecting current trends in nursing theories. FINDINGS The trends can be categorized(More)
PURPOSE To describe strategies for enhancing information, motivation, and skills related to changes in diabetes self-management behavior among community-dwelling older adults in Korea. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of five focus group interviews (three separate focus groups) were conducted with 12 older adults with type 2 diabetes and five diabetes(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the psychometric properties of the Midlife Women's Symptom Index (MSI) among four racial/ethnic groups of midlife women in the United States. DESIGN A secondary data analysis. SETTING Internet communities/groups. PARTICIPANTS A total of 494 midlife women with symptoms of menopause who self-reported using an Internet survey and(More)
The purposes of the study were to develop a theoretical model to explain the relationships between immigration transition and midlife women's physical activity and test the relationships among the major variables of the model. A theoretical model, which was developed based on transitions theory and the midlife women's attitudes toward physical activity(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationships between immigration transition and depressive symptoms among 1,054 midlife women in the United States. This was a secondary analysis of the data from two national Internet survey studies. Questions on background characteristics and immigration transition and the Depression Index for Midlife Women(More)