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The paper introduces the structure of the EPC network, analyzes the potential security problems of the EPC network information service (EPCIS). Expatiates the light PKI EPCIS trust model based on PKI, the proposed light PKI trust architecture is much simpler and efficient. Put forward a based on the enterprise trust and collaboration model (ETCM) and the(More)
The results of an investigation on the electrical resistivity of carbon steels are presented, and mathematical models which take into account the effect of the nonlinearities of the temperature and carbon content are proposed. The result showed that the electrical resistivity had a strong carbon content dependence within the range of 0.06–1.22C wt.%.(More)
In the continuous steel induction heating process, it is of great importance to control the surface temperature accurately. In this paper, induction heating process of PC steel bar with different carbon content is simulated. The experimental models of electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity of carbon steel depending on temperature and carbon content(More)
Multimedia technology has reform the current education system and is successfully implemented for its advantages and capabilities. This paper presents the use of multimedia courseware in Electrical Engineering course. It's combined with interactive modules and the ability to view and review material anywhere, provides a very powerful new form of course(More)
A novel method was put forward to on-line evaluate the carbon content of low alloys and carbon steels nondestructively by measuring surface temperature of billet. The practical induction heating process for steel bar was simulated by finite element method. The regression equation for determining carbon content was derived from simulated data. The carbon(More)
With the development of information technology, the monitoring expert system of coal safety production is becoming a new topic in today's society. Because of the computer technology need and characteristics in the coal mining industry, this article's research object is the existing internet-based monitoring safety system of the coal mine production. The(More)
Technological innovation of industrial cluster is a focus in resent innovation research, which also has essential practical meanings to Chinese industrial transformation and upgrading. Based on existing research, this study analyses the relationship between network evolution and mode of industrial cluster technological innovation, applying multiple network(More)
With the advent of network and multimedia technology, the vital force is brought to reform of teaching modes on electrotechnics curriculum, such as the exploitation of multimedia courseware, the development of multimedia aided-instruction system based on campus network and so on. This paper presents the development process of E-learning platform on(More)