Sun Jin Oh

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the filter were measured using condensation particle counters (TSI Inc. model 3022A). Submicrometer particles entering the counters are grown into micrometer sized droplets by condensation of a supersatu-rated vapor of 1-butanol onto the particles, then counted by laser light scattering. The particle concentrations were averaged over ten measurements at(More)
The Fermi surfaces of the Bi2212 system with different doping levels are systematically studied. We compare the similarity in the straight spectral weight segments in this material system and that observed in the charge ordered state of the Lal.4sNdo.4Sro.12Cu04 system. 1. Introduction Recently, the authors have shown that in optimally doped and overdoped(More)
An efficient stateless routing is possible because geographical routing protocol has many advantages of location information in mobile Ad-Hoc networks (MANETs). Such routing protocol, however, is significantly dependent on the existence of scalable location management services. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical location management (HLF) scheme(More)
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