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Multi-Scale Characteristics of Record Heavy Rainfall over Beijing Area on July 21, 2012
Observational and National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) analysis data are used to diagnose the characteristics of synoptic circulations, sources of water vapor, and mesoscaleExpand
Analyses of hot and humid weather in Beijing city in summer and its dynamical identification
The circulation, hygrothermal property and moisture transport character of typical hot and humid weather were analyzed in Beijing areas from July 30 to August 4, 2002. It was pointed out that, underExpand
One Kind of Vortex Causing Heavy Rainfall during Pre-rainy Season in South China
Based on observations from the South China Heavy Rainfall Experiment(SCHeREX)and the reanalysis data from NCEP/NCAR,one kind of vortex with heavy rainfall during pre-rainy season in South China(1200Expand
Solar Wireless Intelligent Online Hydrological Monitoring System
Water environment monitor is an important component of environmental monitoring system. In this paper, the authors discuss that the solar energy technology, the wireless GPRS network transmissionExpand
The n-type doping of polyaniline films by ion implantation
Abstract The insulating pernigraniline base form of polyaniline films, which consists of fully oxidized repeat units, is implanted with K+ and Ar+ at an energy of 40 keV in a fluence range between 1Expand
The Comparative Experimental Study of the Porous Materials Suppressing the Gas Explosion
Abstract The paper studied the suppression performance and mechanism of the porous materials with our designed experimental system. The experimental results showed that the wire mesh and the foamExpand
Experimental study of combination of metal wire mesh and foam ceramic for suppressing the gas explosion
By using self-designed gas explosion experimental pipe with the section of 30 cm×30 cm,the authors carried out the experimental studies for the explosion suppression effects according to differentExpand
Study on correlation with SOH and EIS model of Li-ion battery
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as an experiment method is adopted in this research. Combining the experiment of the lithium ion battery's cycle life span, the measure is done to get the SOHExpand
Effects of forsythoside A on the expression of IFN-α and Mx1.
Forsythoside A could promote the expression of IFN-α and Mx1 significantly, and played a significant antiviral activity after 12 h high-dose drug administration, and it was concluded that Mx 1 protein is closely related to the virus infection, andit can be used for early diagnosis of viral infection. Expand
Coal Mine Gas Emission Gray Dynamic Prediction
Abstract This paper introduces three kinds of mathematical prediction models: grey prediction, new information, and metabolism. The three prediction models were verified and analyzed by the exampleExpand