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It is of great significance to improve the speed of data collecting and updating in a web crawler because there are a large number of web pages in Internet. A duplicated URL detection approach based on multi-layer bloom filter algorithm is proposed in this paper, which divides an entire URL into some layers and stores them in multi-layer bloom filter. The(More)
Web information can be given more explicit meanings through semantic annotation, so that computer can understand and deal with the information automatically, which is important to improve recall ratio and precision ratio of search engine. An ontology-based semantic annotation method is represented in this paper, and which has been applied in an academic(More)
In order to effectively control the inrush current in the pre-charging process of the series parting in the Unified Power Quality Controller based on the Modular Multilevel Converter, the pre-charging process of the MMC-UPQC is analysed in this article, and the series part of the pre-charging mechanism is studied deeply; Then it studied how to control the(More)
A visualization toolkit is discussed. 3D reconstruction of human head image is implemented by using volume ray casting algorithm based on VTK parallel method in multi-core CPU configuration. Result shows that operation efficiency is improved and higher performance achieved under the situation this paper proposes.
An intelligent optimizing algorithm, particle swarm optimizing clonal algorithm (PSOCA) was introduced in this paper, which combined the clonal selection mechanism of the immune system with the evolution equation of particle swarm optimization. It had the ability of global searching. The PSOCA improves the diversity of antibody population and its(More)
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