Sun Je Kim

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The fuel economy (FE) of the parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) suffers due to significant energy losses from the wet clutches of the automatic transmission and limited engine operations. To overcome these limitations, a novel clutchless multimode parallel HEV (CMP-HEV) was proposed previously, but its operational feasibility was not proven. In this(More)
The existing transmissions have limitations related to driving comfort, manufacturing price, or driveline efficiency. To satisfy the complex demands of users, the clutchless geared smart transmission (CGST) is proposed. The CGST has a distinctive structure combining the geared transmission and planetary gear system. Especially, its pseudo-clutch system(More)
In this study, we are proposing a hybrid car of new concept promising the most economic and fuel efficient one. The architecture is derived from the conventional manual transmission with little modification by replacing the clutch with the one-way clutch and a motor-generator is placed between the one-way clutch and the gearbox. Another addition is the(More)
In this paper, we propose deliberative upper-level behavior planning method for UGV with actively articulated suspension to negotiate geometric obstacle. Proposed deliberative planning method used Q-learning with the expert model for negotiating specific obstacle type. We modify the centipede locomotion pattern to the suspensions' locomotion and define the(More)
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