Sun Hwa Chai

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Carnobacteriocin B2 (CbnB2), a type IIa bacteriocin, is a 48 residue antimicrobial peptide from the lactic acid bacterium Carnobacterium pisicola LV17B. Type IIa bacteriocins have a conserved YGNGVXC sequence near the N-terminus and usually contain a disulfide bridge. CbnB2 seemed to be unique in that its two cysteines (Cys9 and Cys14) could be isolated as(More)
In 30 patients with intractable generalized epilepsy treated with cerebral commissurotomy, the corpus callosum was stimulated intraoperatively at a 1 cm interval with electric current, and evoked potentials (EPs) were recorded from different areas of the brain for determining the distribution patterns of functional projections from the corpus callosum to(More)
The patient developed bilateral functional disturbance in the retina. Ophthalmoscopically no fundus abnormality was detected, but the swift work-up with mfERG and pattern reversal VEP revealed that the pathognomonic site was localized in the retina. Ocular ischemia, such as chorioretinal circulatory failure and ischemic optic neuropathy, has been reported(More)
In 1986, The American Association for Hand Surgery and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand jointly sponsored a Role Delineation Study of Hand Surgery. The purpose of this study was to define the knowledge and skills necessary for competent hand surgery practice and to determine the responsibilities and activities of hand surgeons. Eight hundred(More)
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