Sun Hong Liang

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Sensor Web is a Web-centric, open, interconnected, intelligent and dynamic network of sensors that performs extensive spatialtemporal monitoring of our environment through coordinated work between multiple types and numbers of sensor networks. With the presence of cheaper, miniature and smart sensors; high-resolution remote sensing sensors; abundant fast(More)
In this paper, we introduce a Spatial Sensor Web reference model. Firstly, we present the concept of the Sensor Web and the Spatial Sensor Web. Then we use a layered conceptual model to describe the Sensor Web. Thirdly, we present the Spatial Sensor Web reference model. The reference model is composed by seven logical layers. It provides an architectural(More)
There are many defects existed in interactive intelligent power utilization field, such as the human-computer interaction interface is not ideal, and the application scene of geographic technology is simple, and graphical visualization Representation is delayed and the operation is not flexible, and the ability of real-time interaction and user experience(More)
Aiming at the issues of session persistence and load balancing in large-scale power consumers access, this paper studied the cookie session persistence mechanisms on Web applications, and proposed a session persistence mechanism, which includes a session persistence strategy to realize load balancing combing session sever with cookie. Experiments show that(More)
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