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Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) usually begins in childhood and adolescence and causes lifelong damage to several major organs including the brain. Despite increasing evidence of T1DM-induced structural deficits in cortical regions implicated in higher cognitive and emotional functions, little is known whether and how the structural connectivity between(More)
BACKGROUND Based on growing evidence of the crucial role of the cerebellum in emotional regulation, we sought to identify cerebellar structural deficits in a large sample of patients with bipolar disorder (BD). METHODS Cerebellar gray matter density was examined in 49 BD patients (24 medication-naive and 25 medication-treated) and 50 carefully matched(More)
This study was aimed to examine the mental health status of immigrant women through international marriages and its effects on emotional and behavioral problems of children. Seventy-four intermarried immigrant women and 86 native Korean women were enrolled from the same district of Seoul metropolitan area. The mental health problems of study participants(More)
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