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Environmental Factors Affecting the Daily Catch Levels of Anguilla japonica Glass Eels in the Geum River Estuary, South Korea
ABSTRACT Hwang, S.D.; Lee, T.W.; Choi, I.S., and Hwang, S.W., 2014. Environmental factors affecting the daily catch levels of Anguilla japonica glass eels in the Geum River estuary, South Korea. The
Fecundity and growth-dependent mortality of Pacific anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) in Korean coastal waters
A theoretical mortality curve is derived that assumes instantaneous natural mortality of anchovy between egg to age-1 stage was 11.3 yr−1 and estimated size-specific mortality was 1.24 d−1 mm in fork length.
Seasonal Variation in Species Composition of Estuarine Fauna Collected by a Stow Net in the Han River Estuary on the mid-western coast of Korea
Brackish fauna and crustacean, especially shrimps were predominant, and few contaminant indicator species collected in the Han River estuary, indicating this area maintains the characteristics of natural estuary ecosystem.
Age, Growth, and Maturity of Chub Mackerel off Korea
Abstract The age, growth, and maturity of chub mackerel Scomber japonicus were determined by otolith analysis and gonad observation. Fish were subsampled monthly from Korean offshore commercial
Spatiotemporal Distribution of Pacific Anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) Eggs in the West Sea of Korea
Judging from the developmental stages of the collected eggs, it appeared that anchovies spawned mostly at night and that the eggs hatched at dusk and during the night.
Dispersal Characteristics and Pathways of Japanese Glass Eel in the East Asian Continental Shelf
The Japanese eel Anguilla japonica is an important aquaculture fish species in the East Asian countries of Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. All glass eel fry are captured from the wild and
Habitat Use Patterns of Chelon haematocheilus, as Revealed by Sr:Ca Ratios in Otoliths
The criteria used to analyze otoliths in the closely related species Mugil cephalus in a previous study concluded from the otolith Sr:Ca ratios that C. haematocheilus spawns and grows in brackish water during the early part of its life cycle.
Seasonal and Annual Variations of Catch by Large Purse Seine off Korea
Fishing effort was high in summer, but catch per unit effort showed a peak in winter, and the high CPUE in winter seemed to be related to aggregation of the pelagic fish to the wintering ground in the southern sea.
A Study on the Ecological Indices for the Assessment of the Function and Maturity of Artificial Reefs
Department of Oceanography Inha University, Incheon 402-751, Korea국외의 대형 무척추동물과 해조류 군집을 대상으로 해역의 생태학적 상태를 평가하는 모델을 이용하여 인공어초와인접한 자연초의 상태를 비교함으로써 우리나라 연안역에 설치된 인공어초의 기능도(FI, Functional Index; 군집구조의