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Age, Growth, and Maturity of Chub Mackerel off Korea
Abstract The age, growth, and maturity of chub mackerel Scomber japonicus were determined by otolith analysis and gonad observation. Fish were subsampled monthly from Korean offshore commercialExpand
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Fecundity and growth-dependent mortality of Pacific anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) in Korean coastal waters
Abstract We propose a method of estimating natural mortality of marine pelagic fishes, especially for early-life stages, based on their fecundity. To estimate size-dependent fecundity, growth andExpand
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Dispersal Characteristics and Pathways of Japanese Glass Eel in the East Asian Continental Shelf
The Japanese eel Anguilla japonica is an important aquaculture fish species in the East Asian countries of Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. All glass eel fry are captured from the wild andExpand
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Seasonal Variation in Species Composition of Estuarine Fauna Collected by a Stow Net in the Han River Estuary on the mid-western coast of Korea
Seasonal variation in species composition of estuarine fauna in the Han River estuary was determined using monthly samples collected near Ganghwa Island by a bag net from February to December 2009.Expand
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Comparison of Fish Assemblages in Two Adjacent Macrotidal Estuaries Altered by Diking
ABSTRACT Hwang, S.-W.; Choi, K.-H., and Hwang, S.-D., 2017. Comparison of fish assemblages in two adjacent macrotidal estuaries altered by diking. This study characterized fish species compositionExpand
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A Study on the Ecological Indices for the Assessment of the Function and Maturity of Artificial Reefs
Department of Oceanography Inha University, Incheon 402-751, Korea국외의 대형 무척추동물과 해조류 군집을 생태학적 시스템을 개발하다. Expand
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Age, growth and life history of gunnel, Pholis fangi, in the Yellow Sea
Abstract We examined the formation of annuli by marginal observations on otoliths of gunnel (Pholis fangi) in the Yellow Sea to validate the age determination method and to derive the growth equationExpand
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Catch Predictions for Pacific Anchovy Engraulis japonicus Larvae in the Yellow Sea
To predict catches of Pacific anchovy Engraulis japonicus larvae, anchovy eggs were collected in the coastal waters off Gunsan, Korea, in the Yellow Sea during the main spawning season (June to July)Expand
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Seasonal and Annual Variations of Catch by Large Purse Seine off Korea
Spatio-temporal variation in species composition, abundance and distribution of fisheries resources caught by large purse seine off Korea from 1991 to 1994 was analysed. Expand
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