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Vehicle routing problem with time window (VRPTW) has been investigated by many researchers, in which the vehicle number is fixed in advance. In fact, the vehicle number can't be determined beforehand for practical problems. Because the fixed cost of a vehicle is much more than the running cost, and it is effective to cut down the total cost to seek the(More)
Taking the layout problem of satellite cabins as the background, the authors make a study of the optimal layout problem of circle groups in a circular container with performance constraints of equilibrium and inertia, which belong to NP-Hard problem. This paper extends the heuristic called "Particle Swarm Optimization" (PSO) to deal with the Constrained(More)
The linear frequency-modulated signal(LFM) has been used widely in radar signals. In this paper, by using the characteristics of the linear frequency-modulated signal in fractional domain, three kinds of algorithms based on fractional domain have been put forward, that is, the maximum value detection, the energy concentration detection and the signal(More)
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