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Buerger's disease, also known as thromboangiitis obliterans, is a nonatherosclerotic, inflammatory, vasoocclusive disease. It is characterized pathologically as a panangiitis of medium and small blood vessels, including both arteries and adjacent veins, especially the distal extremities (the feet and the hands). There is no curative medication or surgery(More)
PURPOSE Prostate cancer (PC) is the most common malignant disease in males and the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in men in developed countries. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether microRNA (miR)-150 is a factor influencing survival in prostate cancer patients. METHODS miR-150 mRNA and protein expression levels in prostatic(More)
Ice-sheet development in Antarctica was a result of significant and rapid global climate change about 34 million years ago. Ice-sheet and climate modelling suggest reductions in atmospheric carbon dioxide (less than three times the pre-industrial level of 280 parts per million by volume) that, in conjunction with the development of the Antarctic Circumpolar(More)
Selenium (Se), selenoprotein N (SelN) and selenoprotein W (SelW) play a crucial role in muscle disorders. Se status highly regulates selenoprotein mRNA levels. However, few attempts have been performed on the effect of dietary Se supplementation on muscle SelN and SelW mRNA levels in birds. To investigate the effects of Se on the regulation of SelN and SelW(More)
and host 014.02.0 Abstract A multi-agent based fleet maintenance personnel configuration method is proposed to solve the mission oriented aircraft fleet maintenance personnel configuration problem. The maintenance process of an aircraft fleet is analyzed first. In the process each aircraft contains multiple parts, and different parts are repaired by(More)
Since the Internet has become a huge repository of information, many studies address the issue of web pages categorization. For web page classification, we want to find a subset of words which help to discriminate between different kinds of web pages, so we introduced feature selection. In this paper, we study some feature selection methods such as ReliefF(More)
Image search on web is very familiar to various users, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of image search has become more and more a hotpot in this research field. For different commercial image engines use different retrieval techniques respectively, the coverage area and accuracy of each individual search engine await development. An improved(More)
This paper introduces various aspects of the Chinese Intelligent Chat Robot Xiao Hui-hui in detail: the internal structure, the existing foundation, the final effect, and the problems encountered in the construction process and their solution. In the field of the Chinese Intelligent Chat Robot, the lack of a perfect corpus and Chinese segmentation system(More)
FSVDS, a visual demonstration system of flight simulation is designed and implemented based on OSG. FSVDS is highly configurable using a set of configuration files. FSVDS supports multiple display modes such as real time visualization of numerical simulation or simulation with semi-real objects, and playback content of path file and viewpoint file which can(More)