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To attain the available bandwidth accurately can make the ad hoc network resources being used effectively. A novel link available bandwidth estimating method based on frame retransmission predicting is proposed, where the average size of contention window is used to evaluate frame numbers that need to be retransmitted; moreover, combining with the backoff(More)
Differential Evolution (DE) is featured by its simple parameter control; genetic operation and fine robustness. However, DE yet still has difficulty with complex functions in continuous space due to its searching blindness and inefficiency from time to time. An adaptive DE algorithm based on LS-SVM (Least Square Support Vector Machine) is proposed in this(More)
Multi-path routing scheme can guarantee the probability of successful packet delivery in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), network reliability can also be enhanced. A novel adaptive multi-path routing protocol with the maximum path lifetime is proposed. By calculating the lifetime of links without the aid of positioning equipments and extra control messages,(More)
Millimeter wave (MMW) radar is booming in application to target seeker onboard the air-to-air missile (AAM), which has the capability to obtain all-weather radar images for auto target recognition (ATR) and intelligent active homing guidance. An advanced simulation system for MMW imaging radar seekers of AAM was introduced in this paper. The system is(More)
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