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Along with the developments of the high-speed railway, higher and higher technical requirements for the high-speed railway mobile communication system are raised. Since the “Global System for Mobile Communications Railways” (GSM-R) implemented today is based on GSM, the new technology in GSM evolution can be used in the highspeed railway(More)
  • Sun Bin, Han Ke
  • 2010 International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 2010
The prediction model of indoor thermal comfort PMV index based on least squares support vector machine (LS-SVM) is established by using the nonlinear relationship between human thermal comfort and its influencing factors and the characteristic that particle swarm has of fast global optimization. Adopting the parameters of least squares support vector(More)
One of the major problems in Mobile Grid environments is the optimal distribution and replication of data files, in order to improve and maintain a high overall throughput of Grid jobs that access files. A data replica replacement algorithm based on value model is proposed and the arithmetic method to calculate replica value is introduced. This algorithm(More)
to build a precise and real time model is a key issue in fulfilling on optimal control of marine power station diesel engine in the hardware-in-the-loop simulation system. In this paper, a control oriented real time model for marine power station diesel engine is proposed based on neural network. After establishing the quasi-steady model of diesel, the(More)
Sixteen species of marine Oligochaeta (8 Tubificidae, 1 Naididae, 6 Enchytraeidae, 1 Megascolecidae) are recorded from the Qingdao area, at about 36° N on the Chinese Yellow Sea coast. Taxonomic remarks are given for most species, of which none appears new to science.Limnodriloides victoriensis Brinkhurst & Baker andEnchytraeus kincaidi Eisen, previously(More)
BACKGROUND Leiomyosarcoma that arises in the uterine cervix stump after subtotal hysterectomy is exceedingly rare. Only one case has been documented. The authors report an unusual case of leiomyosarcoma that arose in the cervix stump. CASE PRESENTATION A 46-year-old female presented with a one-month history of vaginal bleeding. Vaginal and ultrasonography(More)
The Affine Scale-Invariant-Feature-Transform (ASIFT) algorithm extends the SIFT method to the fully affine invariant. ASIFT matched the real-time images and reference images that are usually obtained in different scales, different viewpoints, and different imaging condition; even different CCD had a good robustness. The classical algorithms of image(More)
PURPOSE To assess both economical and organizational impact as well as bacteriologic safety of a flexible cystoscope with sterile disposable sheath (FCSDS) compared to standard flexible cystoscopy (SFC) in two French urologic academic units. PATIENTS Two-center prospective study, comparing the use of the FCSDS to the SFC on two consecutive periods of(More)
A new on-board switching (OBS) and on-board processing (OBP) scheme for GEO satellite communication system is proposed, in which the bent-pipe mode is incorporated with the OBP mode. The numerical results and the performance analysis of different configuration modes of this novel scheme are presented. For verifying the numerical results, a simulation(More)