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Although the signs and symptoms of the 3 most common skin malignancies are well known to physicians, any new or changing lesions should be monitored and worked up to rule out varying forms of cutaneous malignancy. Classic presenting features of each condition exist, but patients may present with overlapping or atypical features, and a biopsy is almost(More)
Postpartum hemorrhage accounts for about one quarter of the deaths in the obstetric hemorrhage group. Blood loss is the most important underlying cause of morbidity. To save blood, the obstetrician must partice "preventive medicine" by being cognizant of any situation during pregnancy, labor and delivery which may result in increased blood loss.The methods(More)
BACKGROUND Dermatologic surgery requires precision and accuracy given the delicate nature of procedures performed. The use of the most appropriate instrument for each action helps optimize both functionality and cosmetic outcome. OBJECTIVE To review the history of surgical instruments used in dermatology, with a focus on mechanism and evolution to the(More)
Complications of gynecological surgery are considerable and when reviewed in detail are almost frightening. There is no substitute for experience and intimate knowledge of the intricate pelvic structures in health and disease.Anyone who is active in the field is sooner or later going to experience some difficulty whether it be due to his miscalculation or(More)
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