Sumner Marshall

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Five cases of urethral diverticulum in young girls are herein presented. None of these children had associated local infections, unlike what is generally the case in adult women with a similar lesion. Three girls experienced spontaneous regression of the diverticulum. Therefore, unless the diverticulum causes clinical problems, postponement of surgical(More)
In a survey of members of the Western Section of the American Urological Association who had testicular prostheses inserted within the preceding ten years, the responses indicated that the overall complication rate for this procedure is low. Generally, the scrotal cavity distends easily to a size adequate to accommodate the prosthesis. However, in cases of(More)
Coagulation pyelolithotomy provides an effective means to remove multiple calculi from the renal collecting system. The strength of the coagulum is directly proportional to the concentration of fibrinogen and inversely proportional to the concentration of thrombin. Because of the fear of hepatitis fibrinogen may soon be unavailable commercially. It will(More)
Because diagnosis of urethral diverticulum is often elusive the presence of a tumor within the diverticular cavity may be overlooked until it has grown beyond the confines of the diverticulum. A search of the medical records from 1940 to 1975 at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco and Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley has revealed(More)
Cultures of murine erythroleukemic cells undergoing erythroid differentiation in response to induction by hexamethylene bisacetamide (HMBA) were exposed to 1180-MHz microwave (MW) radiation for 48 h while maintained at 37.4 degrees C by variable-temperature air flow. Exposures at 1180 MHz were at 5.5, 11, and 22 mW/cm2 with a normalized specific absorption(More)