Summer D Schnakenberg-Ott

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Nineteen psychologists and 19 graduate students scored two Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Third Edition patient protocols. Mean IQs and indexes were similar across groups, but the ranges for Verbal IQ (VIQ), Performance IQ (PIQ), and Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) on one protocol were 25, 22, and 11 points, respectively. For both protocols taken together,(More)
We investigated whether events associated with physiological maternal and fetal stress during the birth process were associated with diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), alone or in combination with demographic variables. We gathered data through maternal responses to a 17-item questionnaire. Sex, mother's educational level,(More)
Frequencies for Pairing and Free Recall of the WAIS-III Digit Symbol-Incidental Learning procedure were determined separately for 104 college students and 73 patients with substance abuse disorders. Means for age and education were 22.2 yr. (SD=5.1) and 14.7 yr. (SD=1.0) and 46.0 yr. and 12.2 yr. (SD=9.4), respectively. Base rate tables indicated that for(More)
For Digit Symbol-Coding (CD) and Symbol Search (SS) we tested the hypothesis that young adults (44 males, 60 females) would start out quickly and demonstrate steady increases in symbols/items completed across each of four 30-s intervals. The average number of CD symbols was 23.19 (S.D.=3.46) for 0-30s, 21.11 (S.D.=3.75) for 30-60 s, 21.98 (S.D.=3.70) for(More)
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