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The paper is concerned with the timing analysis of a class digital systems we call mixed asynchronousssynchronous systems. In such a system, each computation module is either synchronous i.e. clocked or asynchronous i.e. selftimed. The communication between modules is assumed to be selftimed for all modules. We i n troduce a graph model called MASS for(More)
With the increase in the resolution of images, arises the need to compress these images effectively without much loss, for easy storage and transmission. Sparse matrices are matrices that have majority of their elements as zeroes, which brings in the possibility of storing just the non-zero elements in a space efficient manner using various formats. Images,(More)
To address the performance analysis of Boruvka's algorithms by analyzing different cache performance parameters in VTUNE Amplifier. In general, Minimum Spanning Tree [MST] is computed with various algorithms, Boruvka's being the oldest and efficient. MST is widely used in applications like search engines, pattern recognition, routing algorithms, network(More)
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