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From 'F' to 'A' on the N.Y. Regents Science Exams: An Overview of the Aristo Project
Unprecedented success on the Grade 8 New York Regents Science Exam, where for the first time a system scores more than 90% on the exam's non-diagram, multiple choice (NDMC) questions, demonstrates that modern NLP methods can result in mastery on this task. Expand
GenericsKB: A Knowledge Base of Generic Statements
We present a new resource for the NLP community, namely a large (3.5M+ sentence) knowledge base of *generic statements*, e.g., "Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere", collected fromExpand
IKE - An Interactive Tool for Knowledge Extraction
IKE is a new extraction tool that performs fast, interactive bootstrapping to develop high-quality extraction patterns for targeted relations and is the first interactive extraction tool to seamlessly integrate symbolic and distributional methods for search. Expand
Automatic Construction of Inference-Supporting Knowledge Bases
This paper describes the work on automatically constructing an inferential knowledge base, and applying it to a question-answering task, and suggests several challenges that this approach poses, and innovative, partial solutions that have been developed. Expand
Do Dogs have Whiskers? A New Knowledge Base of hasPart Relations
A new knowledge-base of hasPart relationships, extracted from a large corpus of generic statements, is presented, which is all three of: accurate (90% precision), salient, salient, and has high coverage of common terms. Expand
Think you have Solved Direct-Answer Question Answering? Try ARC-DA, the Direct-Answer AI2 Reasoning Challenge
The ARC-DA dataset is presented, a direct-answer (“open response”, “freeform”) version of the ARC (AI2 Reasoning Challenge) multiple-choice dataset, one of the first DA datasets of natural questions that often require reasoning, and where appropriate question decompositions are not evident from the questions themselves. Expand
Applying Object-Oriented Techniques in Embedded Software Design
Efficiency is a major concern for real-time systems. Realtime software is often written in assembly or other low level languages like C. Programmers hesitate to use newer objectoriented techniquesExpand
Anna : A Nutrition-Facts Dialogue System
We introduce Anna, a nutrition-facts dialogue system built with a combination of freely available components and some ad hoc code. In this paper, we describe its domain, its overall architecture, andExpand
Evaluating the Perceived Overhead Imposed by Object-Oriented Programming in a Real-time Embedded System
The goal of the research is to design and implement an efficient object-oriented kernel for the PEBB system and compare its performance vis-à-vis that of a non-OO kernel and presents strategies for efficient OO design and a discussion of how OO performance issues can be ameliorated. Expand