Sumit Srivastava

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Image processing is basically the use of computer algorithms to perform image processing on digital images. Digital image processing is a part of digital signal processing. Digital image processing has many significant advantages over analog image processing. Image processing allows a much wider range of algorithms to be applied to the input data and can(More)
We report on achieving multi-rate, dynamic, sub-wavelength provisioning of VoIP, video, storage and data services over Strongly connected Light-trails (SLiTs). A novel service differentiation subsystem and associated control are discussed and test-bed results are presented.
Here, it is proposed that if dark energy behaves like a perfect fluid as well as Chaplygin gas simultaneously, Big Rip or Big Smash type situation, for the future universe, can be avoided for equation of state w < −1. PACS Number: 98.80.Cq. accelerated universe. Experimental probes, during last few years suggest that the present universe is spatially flat(More)
Most of the CAD software, which are available currently, works only on the operating system (generally windows) for which they are designed. Alternatively, the commercial CAD software is dependent upon the operating system. If CAD software is designed such that it is Independent of the operating system, then such CAD software will be much beneficial for the(More)
As the increase of wireless networks, use of mobile phones, smart devices are gaining popularity so the adhoc network is also a uprising field. Each device in a MANET is free to move independently in any direction, linking to other devices frequently. Each must forward traffic unrelated to its own use, and therefore be a router.. This paper describes the(More)
The start of commercial exploitation of soybean in India is nearly four decades old. In this period, the crop has shown unparallel growth in area and production. Soybean has established itself as a major rainy season crop in the rainfed agro-ecosystem of central and peninsular India. Introduction of soybean has resulted in an enhancement in the cropping(More)