Sumit Maheshwari

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In the E-commerce environment, a customer faces several difficulties for selecting the product. The technology like recommendation system is being developed to improve the performance of product selection. In this paper, we have investigated the problem of 'selecting a product from group of similar products' faced by the customer. For example, when a(More)
In the Internet era, the enterprises and companies receive thousands of resumes from the job seekers. Currently available filtering techniques and search services help the recruiters to filter thousands of resumes to few hundred potential ones. Since these filtered resumes are similar to each other, it is difficult to identify the potential resumes by(More)
A smartphone without Internet is obsolete in today's world. With multitude of applications hosted in the personal handheld devices, the need of high speed Internet access has increased manifold. On one hand, in order to meet these demands, LTE-A (a.k.a. 4G) started a new era of improved network capacity as well as higher bandwidth availability to each user,(More)
With the increasing usage of mobile devices to ubiquitously access heterogeneous applications in wireless Internet, the measurement and analysis of Internet traffic has become a key research area. In this paper, we present the results and analysis of our measurements for CBR and VBR traffic over UDP in GPRS, UMTS and Wi-Fi networks carried over(More)
Context is a computed outcome of past, present and future data. Recent years have seen enormous growth of context engine developments and their usage in all kinds of fields such as medical, network, mobile and so on. In this paper, user context is analyzed with respect to layered data and an Inverse Weighing Algorithm (IWA) is designed to accurately(More)
CERTIFICATE It is certified that the work contained in this thesis, titled " Exploring Open Web Directory for Improving the performance of Text Document Clustering " by Gaurav Ruhela, has been carried out under my supervision and is not submitted elsewhere for a degree. for their everlasting love and support. Acknowledgments First and foremost, all praise(More)
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