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Root rot and wilt, caused by a complex involving Fusarium chlamydosporum (Frag. and Cif.) and Ralstonia solanacearum (Smith), are serious diseases affecting the cultivation of Coleus forskohlii, a crop with economic potential as a source of the medicinal compound forskolin. The present 2-year field experiments were conducted with two bioinoculants (a native(More)
An assessment of roles of rhizospheric microbial diversity in plant growth is helpful in understanding plant-microbe interactions. Using random combinations of rhizospheric bacterial species at different richness levels, we analysed the contribution of species richness, compositions, interactions and identity on soil microbial respiration and plant biomass.(More)
The famous science fiction writer H. G. Wells when wrote the book "The Invisible Man", nobody would have thought that the idea of an innovative man can be transformed from fiction to reality one day. Researchers at various institutes all over the world have already taken a step further in order to make that dream reality when the human is able to disappear(More)
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