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An important and essential issue for mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) is routing protocol design i.e. a major technical challenge due to the dynamism of the network. The work of this paper is inspired by the thought of taking account of several factors in wireless mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) routing design in a unified way. The rational of our(More)
—We consider the min-cost multicast problem (under network coding) with multiple correlated sources where each terminal wants to losslessly reconstruct all the sources. This can be considered as the network generalization of the classical distributed source coding (Slepian-Wolf) problem. We study the inefficiency brought forth by the selfish behavior of the(More)
The importance of Ad-hoc network is due to its nature of infrastructure-less and decentralization. In Ad-hoc network some nodes can become a critical spot in the network as they forward the packets to most of their neighbors. These critical nodes can deplete their battery power earlier, because of excessive load and processing for data forwarding. These(More)
As the competition in market is growing at a very fast pace, one can survive in today's industrial world by adopting the philosophy of Lean Manufacturing. In order to stay competitive, producing cheaper products at a faster rate Lean Manufacturing would help the industry. This paper represents a case study of Die casting industry. This case study is used to(More)
BACKGROUND Cucumis melo ssp. agrestis var. agrestis (CMA) is a wild variety of C. melo. This study aimed to explore anti-dyslipidemic and anti-adipogenic potential of CMA. MATERIALS AND METHODS For initial anti-dyslipidemic and antihyperglycemic potential of CMA fruit extract (CMFE), male Syrian golden hamsters were fed a chow or high-fat diet with or(More)
In this paper we presents how the traditional learning styles are reformed by E-Learning Systems and now a days due to rapid technological enhancements they are refitted by Intelligent E-Learning systems. We discuss the artificial intelligence techniques used in implementing the Intelligent Learning systems IITS. Technological Era has changed the way of(More)
This paper applies wavelet analysis to image compression. A mother or basis wavelet is first chosen for the compression. The image is then decomposed to a set of scaled and translated versions of the mother wavelet. The resulting wavelet coefficients that are insignificant or close to zero are truncated achieving image compression. Analysis of the(More)
Communication is one of the important aspects of life. With the advancement in age and its growing demands, there has been rapid growth in the field of communications. Signals, which were initially sent in the analog domain, are being sent more and more in the digital domain these days. For better transmission, even single carrier waves are being replaced(More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system is widely used wireless communication system in recent years. The major drawback of OFDM system is high Peak-to Average Power Ratio (PAPR). To reduce the PAPR of OFDM system different PAPR reduction techniques have been proposed. In this paper, we are evaluating the performance of different non-linear(More)
Alstonia scholaris (L.) R. Br., belonging to the family Apocynaceae, is a rich source of indole alkaloids among which echitamine is the most important. It is reported as an antiproliferative agent and targeted for cancer chemotherapy. However, echitamine and its derivatives are mainly concentrated in stem bark and root of the plant and bulk collection of(More)