Sumit K. Bhattacharya

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There is emerging consensus that P2X₄ and P2X₇ ionotropic purinoceptors (P2X₄R and P2X₇R) are critical players in regulating [Ca²⁺]i dynamics and fluid secretion in the salivary gland. In contrast, details regarding their compartmentalization and selective activation, contributions to the spatiotemporal properties of intracellular signals and roles in(More)
Autonomic neural activation of intracellular Ca(2+) release in parotid acinar cells induces the secretion of the fluid and protein components of primary saliva critical for maintaining overall oral homeostasis. In the current study, we profiled the role of acidic organelles in shaping the Ca(2+) signals of parotid acini using a variety of imaging and(More)
This paper presents an exploration procedure for mapping given functional specifications of an analog system to the specification parameters of individual component blocks of the system topology. A meet-in-the-middle approach has been followed for constructing the feasible design space. It is constructed as the intersection of an application-bounded(More)
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