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We present a physics-based approach to synthesizing motion of a virtual character in a dynamically varying environment. Our approach views the motion of a responsive virtual character as a sequence of solutions to the constrained optimization problem formulated at every time step. This framework allows the programmer to specify active control strategies(More)
In this paper we present a simple framework for activity recognition based on a model of multi-layered finite state machines, built on top of a low level image processing module for spatio-temporal detections and limited object identification. The finite state machine network learns, in an unsupervised mode, usual patterns of activities in a scene over long(More)
We present an interactive motion editing tool for creating dynamic scenes with human and object interaction. Our approach solves for an optimal control problem that leverages methods for physics-based rigid body control and kinematics-based human motion editing. Because the humans and the objects are coupled via physical contacts, our interface allows the(More)
We present GMC 2 , a software model checker for GCC, the open-source compiler from the Free Software Foundation (FSF). GMC 2 , which is part of the GMC static-analysis and model-checking tool suite for GCC under development at SUNY Stony Brook, can be seen as an extension of Monte Carlo model checking to the setting of concurrent, procedural programming(More)
We present a novel control algorithm for simulating an articulated character performing a given reference motion and its variations. The unique feature of our controller is its ability to make a long-horizon plan at every time step. Our algorithm overcomes the computational hurdle by applying modal analysis on a time-varying linear dynamic system. We(More)
ͶIndian agriculture is dependent on the monsoons which is not a reliable soucre of water. Therefore there is a need for an irrigation system in the country which can provide water to the farms according to their soil types.This paper represents the prototype design of microcontroller based automatic irrigation sytem which will allow irrigation to take place(More)
Modeling the reactions of human characters to a dynamic environment is crucial for achieving perceptual immersion in applications such as video games, training simulations and movies. Virtual characters in these applications need to <i>realistically</i> react to environmental events and <i>precisely</i> follow high-level user commands. Most existing physics(More)