Sumit Dhole

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Progress in science often begins with verbal hypotheses meant to explain why certain biological phenomena exist. An important purpose of mathematical models in evolutionary research, as in many other fields, is to act as “proof-of-concept” tests of the logic in verbal explanations, paralleling the way in which empirical data are used to test hypotheses.(More)
—Segmentation is conceptually very simple idea. Simply looking at an image, one can tell what regions are contained in a picture. The main goal of image segmentation is domain independent partitioning of an image into a set of disjoint regions that are visually different, homogeneous and meaningful. In the last decades, medical imaging techniques have been(More)
Male mating investment can strongly influence fitness gained from a mating. Yet, male mating investment often changes with age. Life history theory predicts that mating investment should increase with age, and males should become less discriminatory about their mate as they age. Understanding age-dependent changes in male behavior and their effects on(More)
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