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A bacterial P450 monooxygenase-based whole cell biocatalyst using Escherichia coli has been applied in the production of ω-hydroxy dodecanoic acid from dodecanoic acid (C12-FA) or the corresponding methyl ester. We have constructed and purified a chimeric protein where the fusion of the monooxygenase CYP153A from Marinobacter aquaeloei to the reductase(More)
We report a case of dural metastasis, detailing the neuroradiologic and therapeutic aspects. The clinical presentation was limited to a progressive left hemiparesis. Post-contrast CT scan revealed a heterogeneous high-density mass of the right fronto-parietal convexity. MRI demonstrated dural involvement mimicking meningioma. Chest X-ray showed a right lung(More)
BACKGROUND Acousticofacial cavernomas are rare lesions. Only 4 cases with a cerebellopontine extension have been reported previously whereas intrapetrous facial nerve cavernomas are well described in the otologic literature. In this paper, we describe two additional cases of acousticofacial cavernomas. METHOD AND RESULTS The two patients were operated via(More)
Symptomatic lumbar canal stenosis without bony stenosis has previously been described. We describe the pathological modifications of ligamentum flavum among such operated patients. Ten patients were prospectively included in this study. Their mean age was 74, ranges: from 52-90. Clinical manifestation was a radicular claudication (sciatic or crural).(More)
The rarity of primary osteosarcoma of the spine led us to index the 66 reported cases published in literature. From this analysis a difference was found between spinal osteosarcoma and osteosarcoma of the extremities. Tumors of the spine appear to be two times more frequent in the male population in their thirties. The average period between the beginning(More)
We report a case of primary osteogenic sarcoma of the third lumbar vertebra, detailing the neuroradiologic and therapeutic aspects. The clinical presentation was limited to low back pain which radiated to the left thigh for 5 months. Lumbosacral spine roentgenograms revealed a sclerotic lesion of the left part of the body of the third lumbar vertebra.(More)
The central neurocytoma is a recently recognized benign intraventricular tumour of young adults. The authors report a unique case of a panventricular neurocytoma with extension to the interpeduncular and prepontique cisterns which developed in a 35-year-old woman with a 7-year history of headaches and amenorrhea. They review the different pathological and(More)