Sumio Miyashita

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The paper presents an evaluation of the possibility of using fetal magnetocardiogram (FMCG) signals to estimate and classify the accessory pathway in fetal Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome. The FMCG signals of two fetuses with WPW syndrome (type A) were detected using a 64-channel superconducting quantum-interference device system. An average across the(More)
Two cases of fetal tachycardia are reported: atrial flutter and fibrillation. The waveforms from each case were detected by fetal magnetocardiograms (FMCGs) using a 64-channel superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) system. Because the magnitude of supraventricular arrhythmia signals is very weak, two subtraction methods were used to detect the(More)
Sampling an intact sequence of oceanic crust through lavas, dikes, and gabbros is necessary to advance the understanding of the formation and evolution of crust formed at mid-ocean ridges, but it has been an elusive goal of scientific ocean drilling for decades. Recent drilling in the eastern Pacific Ocean in Hole 1256D reached gabbro within seismic layer(More)
To determine the T wave of a fetal magnetocardiogram (FMCG), we have evaluated the T/QRS ratio and obtained current-arrow maps that indicate weak currents. We measured FMCG signals for 52 normal fetuses and two abnormal fetuses with prolonged QT waves by using three superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) systems: a nine-channel system, a(More)
Experimental investigations of transactinoide elements provide benchmark results for chemical theory and probe the predictive power of trends in the periodic table. So far, in gas-phase chemical reactions, simple inorganic compounds with the transactinoide in its highest oxidation state have been synthesized. Single-atom production rates, short half-lives,(More)
The chemical properties of an element are primarily governed by the configuration of electrons in the valence shell. Relativistic effects influence the electronic structure of heavy elements in the sixth row of the periodic table, and these effects increase dramatically in the seventh row--including the actinides--even affecting ground-state configurations.(More)
We report the results of a search for a W' boson produced in pp collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 1.8 TeV using a 107 pb-1 data sample recorded by the Collider Detector at Fermilab. We consider the decay channel W'-->&munumu and search for anomalous production of high transverse mass munumu lepton pairs. We observe no excess of events above(More)
Fetal magnetocardiograms (FMCGs) were recorded in a case of fetal complete heart block (CHB) from the 30th to the 37th week of gestation using the multichannel SQUID system (Hitachi, Japan). M-mode ultrasonography and direct fetal electrocardiography using needle electrodes revealed fetal CHB. We identified independent fetal P-waves and QRS complexes in the(More)
A case of fulminant streptococcal infection occurring in a 28-year-old pregnant female is reported. She initially developed pharyngitis and high fever during the 33rd week of gestation. This was treated with oral piperacillin for two days with temporary amelioration. Recurrence of high fever, however, was noted shortly thereafter, which was followed by(More)