Sumio Komatsu

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BACKGROUND Although laboratory experiments and case-control studies have suggested that the consumption of green tea provides protection against gastric cancer, few prospective studies have been performed. METHODS In January 1984, a total of 26,311 residents in three municipalities of Miyagi Prefecture, in northern Japan (11,902 men and 14,409 women 40(More)
Myosin plays an important role in mitosis, especially during cytokinesis. Although it has been assumed that phosphorylation of regulatory light chain of myosin (RLC) controls motility of mammalian non-muscle cells, the functional significance of RLC phosphorylation remains uninvestigated. To address this problem, we have produced unphosphorylatable RLC(More)
We encountered a 30-year-old man with congenital absence of the portal venous system associated with a large inferior mesenteric-caval shunt via the internal iliac veins, which was revealed by angiography and liver biopsy. He had experienced refractory hemorrhoidal bleeding and occasional dyspneic attacks, but no episode of portal encephalopathy. The serum(More)
Restriction landmark genomic scanning for methylation (RLGS-M) was used to detect alterations in DNA methylation associated with murine SV40 T/t antigen-induced hepatocarcinogenesis. An altered locus/spot (S130) was cloned and found to correspond to sequences in the 5' flanking region and 5' portion of the cDNA for the murine mac25/insulin-like growth(More)
Short-term cultured suspension cells of rice (Oryza sativa L.) are capable of regeneration, but not in long-term culture. For clarification of the mechanism of regeneration, protein phosphorylation in short-term and long-term cultured suspension cells was compared by two dimensional-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. A 56 kDa protein having an isoelectric(More)
OBJECTIVE There has been controversy as to the selection of surgical treatments for acute type A dissection with the tear in the descending thoracic aorta, a subtype of acute aortic dissection in which the limited tear is located distal to the left subclavian artery but the dissection extends retrogradely to the ascending aorta. METHODS Total replacement(More)
We report an unusual case of a large inferior mesenteric-caval shunt in a 25-year-old man without cirrhosis with hypoproteinemia and hypochromic anemia. In this large shunt the direct communication was between the inferior mesenteric vein and the internal iliac vein. Hemodynamic change as a result of the shunt was thought to cause his present clinical(More)
Understanding the evolutionary mechanisms of toxin accumulation in pufferfishes has been long-standing problem in toxicology and evolutionary biology. Pufferfish saxitoxin and tetrodotoxin-binding protein (PSTBP) is involved in the transport and accumulation of tetrodotoxin and is one of the most intriguing proteins related to the toxicity of pufferfishes.(More)
For the treatment of dural arteriovenous malformations, conjugated estrogens were infused continuously through a cannula inserted into the external carotid artery. In 6 or 8 patients, therapeutic effects such as total or partial disappearance of the nidus were observed. The same method was employed to occlude the feeders of meningiomas in 3 patients to(More)
Three cases of chronic subdural hematoma developing after direct aneurysmal surgery were presented. All patients were males and heavy drinkers. There was no history of head injury after craniotomy. In two of the three cases, the angiography was performed on the 12th postoperative day. An avascular area was already revealed on the postoperative angiograms,(More)