Sumio Fujita

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The TREC-2004 Genomics track evaluation experiments at Patolis Corporation are described with a focus on the document length issues in different retrieval models such as TF*IDF or probabilistic language modeling approaches. In the genomics ad hoc retrieval task, combination of pseudo-relevance feedback and reference database feedback is applied. For the(More)
In this paper, we provide an overview of the NTCIR-12 IMine-2 task, which is a core task of NTCIR-12 and also a succeeding work of IMine@NTCIR-11, INTENT-2@NTCIR-10, and INTENT@NTCIR-9 tasks. IMine-2 comprises the Query Understanding subtask and the Vertical Incorporating subtask. 23 groups from diverse countries including China, France, India, Portugal,(More)
NTCIR-4 experiments of the CLIR J-J (Japanese monolingual newspaper retrieval) and patent tasks are described, focusing on comparative studies of two test collections and two retrieval approaches in view of document length hypotheses. TF*IDF outperformed the language modeling approach in the CLIR J-J task whereas the language modeling approach performed(More)
This is an overview of the NTCIR-12 MobileClick-2 task (a sequel to 1CLICK in NTCIR-9 and NTCIR-10). In the MobileClick task, systems are expected to output a concise summary of information relevant to a given query and to provide immediate and direct information access for mobile users. We designed two types of MobileClick subtasks, namely, iUnit ranking(More)