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Recently, a novel gene-deletion method was developed for the crenarchaeal model Sulfolobus islandicus, which is a suitable tool for addressing gene essentiality in depth. Using this technique, we have investigated functions of putative DNA repair genes by constructing deletion mutants and studying their phenotype. We found that this archaeon may not encode(More)
In ubiquitous computing environment, resources become invisible, heterogeneous and anywhere. Traditional access control mechanism could not handle such dynamic and complex environment. In our proposed work, we view access control mechanism as a non-cooperative game. Thus, a game theoretic model for access control has been proposed to assist such mechanism.(More)
Usage control is a generalization of access control to cover obligations, conditions, continuity and mutability. However, the delegation component isn¿t discussed to the full. In this paper, an improved scheme for delegation based on the usage control model is proposed. The new model is not just expanding the UCON<sub>ABC</sub> model simply by increasing(More)
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