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Avidin Expressed in Transgenic Rice Confers Resistance to the Stored-Product Insect Pests Tribolium confusum and Sitotroga cerealella
Rice (Oryza sativa var. Nipponbare) was transformed with an artificial avidin gene. The features of this construct are as follows: (1) a signal peptide sequence derived from barley alpha amylase wasExpand
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Molecular Cloning and Functional Expression of cDNA Encoding a Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitor, Cystatin, from Job's Tears (Coix lacryma-jobi L. var. Ma-yuen Stapf)
A λZAP II cDNA library was constructed from mRNA in immature seeds of the grass Job's tears. A cDNA clone for a cysteine proteinase inhibitor, cystatin, was isolated from the library. The cDNA cloneExpand
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Cultivar identification of rice (Oryza sativa L.) by polymerase chain reaction method and its application to processed rice products.
As the cultivars of rice markedly affect eating quality, processing suitability, and price, identification or differentiation of rice cultivar is very important. We developed suitable 14 STSExpand
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Differentiation and search for palatability-factors of world-wide rice grains by PCR method
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Novel preparation method of template DNAs from wine for PCR to differentiate grape (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivar.
Template DNAs were extracted from wine and purified for use as samples for PCR to differentiate grape cultivars. It has been pointed out that the authentication of grape material by PCR using wine asExpand
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Identification of domestic glutinous rice cultivars by the PCR method using grains of 18 typical glutinous rice cultivars as sample and development of technology for detection of different kind grain
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Soluble starch synthase I effects differences in amylopectin structure between indica and japonica rice varieties.
The effect of soluble starch synthase I (SSI) on differences of amylopectin structure between the indica and japonica rice varieties was investigated. Native-PAGE/active staining analysis showed thatExpand
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Quality Evaluation of Rice Crackers Based on Physicochemical Measurements
The processing suitability as a material for rice crackers was characterized in the present study, based on physicochemical measurements and sensory testing of high-quality premium rice, low-amyloseExpand
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