Sumian Song

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This paper studies a distributed dynamic resource allocation problem for a multi-agent network with a strongly connected digraph, which has increased an equality constraint for individual node requirement from the point of dynamic prediction horizon. Each agent at each prediction horizon in the network is associated with a local resource and a quadratic(More)
This paper proposes an unified framework for electrical cyber physical systems (ECPSs) and studies the mechanism of cyber attacks and cyber security. Communication networks are designed by characteristics of power grids. This model is universal to both transmission and distribution grids. The fragility of ECPSs under cyber attacks (DoS attacks and false(More)
This paper focuses on the resource allocation problem with equality and inequality constraints in a fixed weight-balanced directed or undirected network. Moreover, we propose a fully decentralized subgradient algorithm with event-triggered for solving above resource allocation problem based on first-order discrete-time multi-agent systems. Where each agent(More)
This paper investigates the walking control problem of a planar compass-like biped robot. Suppose that the robot model is not known. A stochastic policy gradient based adaptive control law is then proposed for the purpose of realizing a stable walking with a desired step length. As we show in this paper, with only a constant control input, the robot under(More)
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