Sumiaki Ichikawa

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Among various Bayesian problems of probability, the "problem of three prisoners" (Lindley, 1971; Mosteller, 1965) is an especially good example which illustrates the drastic discrepancy between intuitive reasoning and mathematical formal reasoning about probability. In particular, it raises intriguing questions concerning the mathematical and cognitive(More)
In this paper, we investigate quantitatively the :haracteristics of relationships between learning and the :ensory dimension. In the task that a two-mobile robotic ystem, compsed of a driving body and I h f prismatic um, carries a long bar horizontally along sinusoidal vavy road with keeping the bar-support length constant, rensory-motor coordination is(More)
Emergent Approach to Circle Formation by Multiple Autonomous Modular Robots Takehiro Miyamae∗, Sumiaki Ichikawa∗, and Fumio Hara∗∗ ∗Department of Mechanics and Systems Design, Faculty of Systems Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, Suwa 5000-1 Toyohira, Chino, Nagano 391-0292, Japan E-mail: ∗∗Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo(More)