Sumi A. Samad

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Smart home research requires study of psychological characteristics of home user. People follow some specific patterns in their life style. Inhabitant activity classification plays a vital role to predict smart home events. The paper proposed a multiagent system to track the user for task isolation. The system is composed of cooperative agents which works(More)
Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UW-ASNs) have found a wide range of applications from ocean monitoring to military surveillance. The underwater environment is energy constrained and hence it is very important to improve the life expectancy of sensor nodes. In this paper we propose a new MAC protocol (RMAC-PC) which uses transmission power control to(More)
This paper presents the performance evaluation of a RFID signal transmission framework in software defined radio (SDR) using quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) scheme. The RFID signals within the SDR framework are compared between QAM and phase shift keying (PSK) modulation to check the SDR performance. The SDR system performance is evaluated by(More)
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