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We report the complete sequence of a large rod-shaped DNA virus, called the Hz-1 virus. This virus persistently infects the Heliothis zea cell lines. The Hz-1 virus has a double-stranded circular DNA genome of 228,089 bp encoding 154 open reading frames (ORFs) and also expresses a persistence-associated transcript 1, PAT1. The G+C content of the Hz-1 virus(More)
The nutrient concentrations and stoichiometry in a coastal bay/estuary are strongly influenced by the direct riverine discharge and the submarine groundwater discharge (SGD). To estimate the fluxes of submarine groundwater discharge into the Bamen Bay (BB) and the Wanquan River Estuary (WQ) of eastern Hainan Island, China, the naturally occurring radium(More)
Primary well-differentiated dimethylbenzene alpha-anthracene (DMBA)-or nitrosomethylurea (NMU)-induced rat mammary adenocarcinomas that are estrogen dependent possess biologically active and immunoreactive transforming growth factor alpha (TGF alpha), which can be detected in a sort agar growth-promoting assay and by a specific liquid-phase competitive RIA,(More)
  • S C Liu
  • 1989
Histopathologic features of globoid dysplasia of human gastric epithelium were described by means of observation of serial paraffin sections of 53 cases of globoid dysplasia. It was divided into three grades according to the architecture and cellular atypia. Penetration of outer layer globoid dysplastic cells through the basement membrane of "double layers(More)
Human epidermal keratinocytes may be isolated in high yield from 0.1 mm keratotome sections of adult skin by short-term trypsin release. When plated on a collagen-coated plastic surface or on a collagen gel, keratinocytes attach with high efficiencies (greater than 70%) and form confluent, stratified cultures. Cell populations of predominantly basal cells(More)
Most of our understanding of DNA repair mechanisms in human cells has come from the study of these processes in cultured fibroblasts. The unique properties of keratinocytes and their pattern of terminal differentiation led us to a comparative examination of their DNA repair properties. We have examined the relative repair capabilities of the basal cells and(More)
We present a systematic analytical study of the dynamics of nonlinear magnetoinductive waves in a one-dimensional diatomic lattice of split ring resonators (SRRs) with Kerr nonlinear interaction between nearest neighbors. The linear spectrum of this model have two branches and exhibits a gap, which is proportional to the difference between two types of(More)
The validity of using the incorporation of [3H]thymidine into DNA as an indicator of epidermal keratinocyte proliferation in vitro has been investigated. Other parameters of cell proliferation, direct count of cell number and measurement of DNA content, consistently fail to correlate with changes in [3H]thymidine incorporation into DNA in primary and first(More)