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We report the complete sequence of a large rod-shaped DNA virus, called the Hz-1 virus. This virus persistently infects the Heliothis zea cell lines. The Hz-1 virus has a double-stranded circular DNA genome of 228,089 bp encoding 154 open reading frames (ORFs) and also expresses a persistence-associated transcript 1, PAT1. The G+C content of the Hz-1 virus(More)
The nutrient concentrations and stoichiometry in a coastal bay/estuary are strongly influenced by the direct riverine discharge and the submarine groundwater discharge (SGD). To estimate the fluxes of submarine groundwater discharge into the Bamen Bay (BB) and the Wanquan River Estuary (WQ) of eastern Hainan Island, China, the naturally occurring radium(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting combines biomaterials, cells and functional components into complex living tissues. Herein, we assembled function-control modules into cell-laden scaffolds using 3D bioprinting. A customized 3D printer was able to tune the microstructure of printed bone mesenchymal stem cell (BMSC)-laden methacrylamide gelatin scaffolds at(More)
Repeated grafting of shoot apices from mature Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl. trees onto young seedling shoots in vitro causes emergence of rejuvenated, or phase-reversed, scion shoots. The phase reversal is indicated by a restored rooting competence and renewed vigor of roots and shoots. We earlier reported of restriction fragment length polymorphism(More)
Melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) is expressed primarily in the hypothalamus and has a positive impact on feeding behavior and energy balance. Although MCH is expressed in the gastrointestinal tract, its role in this system remains elusive. We demonstrate that, compared to wild type, mice genetically deficient in MCH had substantially reduced local(More)
Comparative biogeochemistry–ecosystem–human interactions on dynamic continental margins Lisa A. Levin ⁎, Kon-Kee Liu , Kay-Christian Emeis , Denise L. Breitburg , James Cloern , Curtis Deutsch , Michele Giani , Anne Goffart , Eileen E. Hofmann , Zouhair Lachkar , Karin Limburg , Su-Mei Liu , Enrique Montes , Wajih Naqvi , Olivier Ragueneau , Christophe(More)
Rainwater samples were collected at rain-sampling Spot of Zhoushan in 2002-2003. Major cation concentrations (H+, NH4+, K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+) of rainwater sample were determined. The concentration variation range and character were depicted by robust statistic analysis. Linear discriminate analysis (LDA) was used to acquire a further knowledge on the annual(More)
The metal elements (Al, Fe, Mn, Cr, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Pb and Ca) in the bottom sediment of the Changjiang Estuary and its adjacent continental shelf of the East China Sea were studied to map their spatial distribution and to assess their potential risk to the marine biota. These metal concentrations except Ca were generally higher in the inner shelf and(More)
Different phosphorus compositions (TP, IP and OP) were determined in surface sediments of the Yellow Sea (YS) and the East China Sea (ECS),sampled from two cruises between March and June, 2011. The results showed that, contents of TP were from 10.50 micromol x g(-1) to 24.10 micromol x g(-1), IP ranged from 7.14 micromol x g(-1) to 17.10 micromol x g(-1)(More)