Sumeet Sobti

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In this paper we study a geometric problem arising in typography: the problem of laying out a two dimensional table. Each cell of the table has content associated with it. We may have choices on the geometry of cells (e.g., number of rows to use for the text in a cell.) The problem is to choose configurations for the cells to optimize an objective function(More)
Excessive power consumption is a major barrier to the market acceptance of hard disks in mobile electronic devices. Studying and reducing power consumption, however, often involves running timeintensive disk traces on real hardware with specialized power-monitoring equipment. This paper presents Dempsey, a disk simulation environment that includes accurate(More)
An Archival Intermemory solves the problem of highly survivable digital data storage in the spirit of the Internet. In this paper we describe a prototype implementation of Intermemory, including an overall system architecture and implementations of key system components. The result is a working Intermemory that tolerates up to 17 simultaneous node failures,(More)
The phenomenon that rural residents and people with low incomes lag behind in Internet access is known as the "digital divide." This problem is particularly acute in developing countries, where most of the world's population lives. Bridging this digital divide, especially by attempting to increase the accessibility of broadband connectivity, can be(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a mobile storage system called a PersonalRAID. PersonalRAID manages a number of disconnected storage devices. At the heart of a PersonalRAID system is a mobile storage device that transparently propagates data to ensure eventual consistency. Using this mobile device, a PersonalRAID provides the(More)
For two months, Monica, an English teacher at the Kannar village school in the State of Uttar Pradesh had been receiving a video feed of recordings of live lessons given by some of the best teachers at a highly regarded urban school in the capital city of Lucknow, some 30 km away. During a routine monitoring visit by us in November of 2005, fully expecting(More)
Basic education plays a crucial role in uplifting disadvantaged areas from the grip of poverty. Distance learning systems are a promising option to deliver education to children who have access to none today. The main problem with the large scale deployment of such systems is either their reliance on broadband network access or their lack of interaction(More)
This paper is motivated by a simple question: what are the energy consumption characteristics of mobile storage alternatives? To answer this question, we are faced with a large design space of multiple dimensions. Two important dimensions are the type of storage technologies and the type of file systems. In this paper, we systematically explore this large(More)