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—The increasing power consumption of processors has made power reduction a first-order priority in processor design. Voltage scaling is one of the most powerful power-reduction techniques introduced to date, but is limited to some minimum voltage. Below on-chip SRAM cells cannot all operate reliably due to increased process variability with technology(More)
The dueling bandit problem is a variation of the classical multi-armed bandit in which the allowable actions are noisy comparisons between pairs of arms. This paper focuses on a new approach for finding the " best " arm according to the Borda criterion using noisy comparisons. We prove that in the absence of structural assumptions, the sample complexity of(More)
A search engine recommends to the user a list of web pages. The user examines this list, from the first page to the last, and clicks on all attractive pages until the user is satisfied. This behavior of the user can be described by the dependent click model (DCM). We propose DCM bandits, an on-line learning variant of the DCM where the goal is to maximize(More)
We propose stochastic rank-1 bandits, a class of online learning problems where at each step a learning agent chooses a pair of row and column arms, and receives the product of their payoffs as a reward. The main challenge of the problem is that the learning agent does not observe the payoffs of the individual arms, only their product. The payoffs of the(More)
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